Challenged with downsizing? Displacing someone special?

Termination of employment can be distracting and stressful for all invested parties. Providing outplacement and transition services to management or downsized employees can salvage the morale of your remaining staff and minimize disruptions to productivity. Indeed, in today’s litigious society, it can mitigate the emotional reactions that often result in legal actions.

Outplacement is also a sensitive way to recognize your employees’ value, contributions and loyalty. The cornerstone of our outplacement services is coaching displaced employee(s) to guide them in the most efficient and effective job / career transition in today’s market place. In the event you already have an outplacement service provider, you may still want a uniquely qualified specialist to work with a top executive or key employee.

Whether you transition one or multiple employees, Russ Yaquinto and The Change Connection can help you design an effective outplacement plan and manage your process from start to finish. The Change Connection consults with you on communication strategies, prepares managers for the separation process, and can address remaining employees to help them stay focused and engaged.

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