"I am convinced that I would never have gotten my consulting business off the ground without your guidance. Our weekly visits were key in ensuring that I was setting myself up for success."

Clair S. Shultis

"I credit Russ with helping me gain new confidence in my leadership and technical capabilities which has resulted in stabilizing my career during these uncertain times. Russ has always been cordial while maintaining a professional, focused on the objectives, coaching style. The coaching sessions were structured but he always left room for exploring alternative paths and ideas. I consider Russ to be a friend with high moral ethics and business integrity. "

Melvin D. Wright

"Russ challenged me to think beyond my financial plan and explore ways to use my passion … My boss noted that my energy level and command of the job had picked up in the last couple of months, which corresponds with this coaching exercise. I highly recommend Russ to my friends."

Ted Rowland

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